Self Development Programs

Self Development Programs - 1:1 Coaching & Facilitation - Therapeutic & Experiential Groups - Self Paced Online.

Embrace Your Authentic Self 
12 week program - Available  online  or location

A journey of self discovery, identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, your wants and needs. You will gain skills and confidence to embark on a lifelong journey of self improvement and personal growth. You'll be equipped with an emotional toolbox to overcome challenges and nurture meaningful relationships. You will have developed your internal supervisor and trust in yourself to pursue your aspirations while leading a more purposeful and satisfying life.


Week 1 - Understanding Your Inner Child.
Week 2 - Self Identity With Compassion.
Week 3 - Exploring Interpersonal Relationships.
Week 4 - Expressing Confidence & Assertiveness.
Week 5 - Implementing Boundaries.
Week 6 - Identify Your Strengths & Areas For Improvement.
Week 7 - Quieting Your Inner Critic .
Week 8 - Exploring Your Passions.
Week 9 - Areas For Personal Growth.
Week 10 - Necessities For Personal Growth.
Week 11 - Setting Future Goals.
Week 12 - A New Future.

Embrace Your Authentic Self - Self Development Program - Online - Self Paced - (coming soon)

£9.99 per module

Unlock your full potential with our self-paced self-development program, module by module! Transform your life at your own pace as you gain essential skills and boost your confidence. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your future today.

Self Development Programs.

1:1 Coaching & Facilitation - Online or Location Therapeutic & Experiential Groups - Self Paced Online.

       Next steps:
    • Consultation chat to discuss your needs.
    • Session plan and  statement of work.
    • Coaching and  facilitation begins.
    • Midway review of self  development journey.     
    • End of self development  journey review.