About Me

Self Development Programs - 1:1 Coaching & Facilitation - Therapeutic & Experiential Groups - Self Paced Online

  • Empowerment & Transformation Life Coach 
  • Therapeutic Group Facilitator

  • BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies.
  • Certified  Empowerment & Transformation Life Coach.
  • Certificate in Understanding Domestic Abuse.
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills and Perspectives.
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling.
  • Certificate in The Advanced Theories of Psychotherapy.
  • Certificate in Therapeutic Group Facilitation.
  • Founder of Discovery to Recovery of Narcissistic Abuse Support Group.

Hello, my name is Sarah Jordan.

As a young girl I experienced a physically and emotionally traumatic childhood after the loss of my mother aged 12 with an extremely difficult relationship with my father as a child and adult. These experiences had a profound and negative impact on my sense of self, interpersonal relationships and emotional well being.

My healing required me to confront all of my behaviours negative, self sabotaging and positive, shedding the ones which were detrimental to my emotional well being and embracing my positives ones. With the help of counselling, a determination to heal and some amazing friends, I worked on my wayward yet vulnerable inner child and reparent her with compassion. I learnt to implement healthy boundaries in relationships so that I would no longer ignore my own needs by being a people pleaser. I explored a life without guilt or shame in order to feel comfortable in my own skin. I listened to how I felt about myself rather than what others thought about me. I finally learned how to love myself.

My extensive training of over 20 years in the counselling and therapeutic field has inspired me to create this empowering and transformative self-development program specifically designed to help you discover your authentic self. Developing the skills and mindset necessary to achieve personal and professional success, this program is designed for anyone looking to enhance their self-awareness, improve their self-confidence, and create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah J